Do Your Customers Believe That Carpet Protector Works?
  Do You And Your Employees Believe That
Carpet Protector Works?
  Special Message from Jim Pemberton  

Several factors contribute to the long term performance and appearance of carpeting, including:

(1) Walk off (soil collection) mats at entrances,
(2) removal of shoes,
(3) regular vacuuming,
(4) prompt attention to spills, and
(5) professional cleaning on an annual basis, at a minimum. Many of the benefits of these factors are enhanced when carpet has a high quality, fluorochemical protection treatment applied after professional cleaning.

While all of this is accepted, recommended, and quite frequently REQUIRED by fiber and carpet producers in order to maintain performance warranties on carpet -- surveys reveal that it is seldom that in most cases, less than 20% of carpet that is professionally cleaned has protection applied afterward.

Why The Disbelief Regarding The Function of Carpet Protectors?

#1. The consumer is asked to pay for an invisible treatment that cannot be proven to be effective until an accident

occurs at a later date, or possibly if the customer is observant enough to notice the improved soil removal during routine vacuuming.

Therefore, like insurance, there is a great deal of trust and confidence that must be built by the cleaning professional to convince the customer that this is a worthwhile investment.

Since surveys indicate that the majority of consumers cannot remember who cleaned their carpet last year, there is little reason to expect the consumer to trust the technicians’ promises which are based on the word of a less than memorable cleaning company!

#2. Next, understand that as most carpet cleaners are not frequent visitors to their customers' homes, the cleaner themselves rarely witness the powerful benefits that such treatments afford, and do not develop any level of confidence in the product applied. Companies who have developed a strong customer following sell substantially more carpet protection based on their customer’s confidence in their company!

Is There a Solution? The Answer is Yes, if We All Work Together

It starts with you, as you begin by building confidence in you and your staff by testing the carpet protector in your home and office.
I recommend that

you purchase unprotected, commercial nylon carpet and, after rinse extracting, apply protector to one half. Secure this sample in a heavy traffic area, and vacuum a few times a week. Depending on traffic volume, you should begin to see results in a few weeks. This test alone will increase protector sales, as belief creates confidence. (If you would like more details, give me a call at 1-800-342-2297.)

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Selling Carpet protector is like selling insurance!
Majority of con-sumers cannot remember who cleaned their carpet last.
Solution to this challenge is available, but takes commit-ment.
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