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"Let Pembertons Help You
to Make Your Largest Cleaning Equipment Purchase Decision"

The investment in a truck mount carpet cleaning system is often the largest single purchase made by a cleaning company. Wading through literature and websites full of small pictures of machines with a list of technical specifications is rarely helpful in making such a large and important investment.

Here's how Pembertons can help:

Pembertons' staff have decades of experience in the use, maintenance, and repair of truck mount cleaning equipment. With this experience they can help you determine what machine best suites your needs.

Questions that you'll likely have are:

"What machine is the best for a new start up business?"
"Do dual wand units really work, and is it worth it for me to consider one?"
"What are the most fuel efficient units?"
"Which units require the least maintenance?"
"What type of truck do I need for my machine?"
"What should I do about the unit I currently am using?"
"Is it better to lease or purchase my equipment?"

These questions and many more will be answered by your Pembertons representative.

Special Note: While Pembertons appreciate the opportunity to do business with cleaners throughout the US and Canada, we only will sell truck mounts in areas where we believe we can offer superior service. Please notify us of your location when you make an inquiry. If you are within a region with which we feel comfortable that we can support your purchase the best, we'll supply you with a price quotation. If you are not within such a reasonable distance, we will recommend someone else who can better support you with needed maintenance and repair services.


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